J is for Juggling #AtoZBlogging Challenge

Today I take a look at Juggling for the letter J. As writers and bloggers, we love our craft. Most of the time we can squeeze time in between all our responsibilities. However,there are times when we would love to write but we have a hundred other necessities calling us.

These are the times we find ourselves “juggling” our commitments. That has been me lately. I have three children, work full time,  and have several writing projects in progress. Lately, my biggest writing project is to get my E-zine off the ground again. I was “juggling” so many things last year, that I had to stop and take a break.

The funny thing about that I did that, I feel much better and energized.  I think when we juggle too much, we eventually burn out and “drop the ball”.

Today I found myself “juggling” work with the magazine and fitting time in to blog. However, it felt different this time. This was more of a “good” juggling. When I finished my work, I felt accomplished.

I guess that’s the difference with our writing and anything in life. We should take time and listen to ourselves. Are we stressed and not feeling positive about anything we are doing? Or are we working hard, and at the end of the day are satisfied with how we spent our time?

Even when we are doing what we think we should, we should definitely give ourselves a much needed break to “recharge”.

What about you? When was the last time you felt like you were juggling? Did you take a break?

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