I is for Intent #AtoZ Blogging Challenge

Another think I’m learning throughout this blogging journey is that in order to make your blog interesting or readable, there must be a purpose for what you are writing. A blog, after all, is part of our platform. Nobody stands on a platform talking about…nothing.  

Sometimes. when we’re stretching for content, we may be tempted to write about anything that pops into our heads first. However, if we’re going to get anywhere with our blogs and ultimately our writing, we better have some purpose behind our content. That is why for the letter I in the A to Z Blogging challenge I am taking a look at INTENT. 

What is it that we are trying to say when we publish our posts? Is it for a cause? Are we sharing information? Are we publishing content such as creative writing or informational articles? 

A good place to begin is to look at your overall theme of your blog. For example an author may have a blog about writing, his or her works, or issues related to his or her publications.  Some blogs have a mission statement ( whether it is published or implied) which helps pinpoint the purpose of the blog.

Another thing to do is visit other blogs and see what their intent is in their posts and overall blog. What are they saying? How do they get across their message? As with all our writing, the more we read, the better our craft becomes. There have been many times a writer’s block has been lifted after a good dose of reading. 

Finally, the more we post, the more we will see how we get our messages across. Sometimes we really do have to “write it out” to see our voice and our style. And if we follow our theme and chose a relevant topic, our intent is presented before even we, the author, realizes what it is. That is the beauty of the puzzle I call writing. 

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