H is for Hope #AtoZBlogging Challenge

The more I blog, the easier it becomes. I’ve had my moments when I had to “force” myself to sit and write, but isn’t it like that with our writing projects too sometimes? We’re not always going to be bouncing with that creative energy for our writing, especially if we are tired from a stressful day.

However, as I am moving through my posts, I am filled with hope. Hope that I can continue writing this often and achieve some of those goals I’m setting. Hope to finally get my prized project running again (My Light Magazine) and hope to continue that novel I’m working on. I’m learning that the more energy I put into my writing, the more energy returns to it.

I’m also filled with hope that my original goal, finishing the blogging challenge, might actually occur. This post is just about 1/3 through the challenge. If I consistently blogged this first part, surely I can get through the rest.

And an interesting thing is happening. The more hope I feel, the more creative energy I feel withing myself.

What was your H topic today?

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