G is for Goals #AtoZBloggig Challenge


In an attempt to become more organized with my writing and more specifically, my blogging, I recognize that having goals is a critical part of the process. I have, of course, always had goals in mind with my writing. However I never thought about laying them out. That’s pretty nerve wracking in general since I’ve had so much going on with my writing: books, articles, submissions and running my own E-zine. In fact, having a lack of tangible goals may have contributed to my writing lull. 

So what is involved in setting writing goals? A goal should be something that you are aiming for with your writing that you are able to reach. Goals are like the cobblestones on the path to your dreams. You may or may not reach your ultimate dream, however setting goals and achieving them determines your success. This is why it is important to set goals you know you can reach. (For me, pledging to blog everyday was really pushing it as an attainable goal for me. However, I felt I needed this push. And hey, I’ve made seven letters so far!)

Where should you start with your goals? If you haven’t had much of a writing routine, the smaller the start, the better. As you successfully accomplish your goals, then you reach for bigger ones. 

To start with your writing goals might be:
  • Write one paragraph a day
  • Journal daily (or weekly if that is too much)
  • Start an idea book/binder/journal where you record ideas that pop up at any time of the day, (Isn’t it always while you’re driving somewhere or otherwise preoccupied?)
As your routine picks up again and you find you are reaching your smaller goals with ease, you might be ready to plan bigger goals. Some things to think about are:

How many hours a day can I commit to writing?
How many stories will I write this month?
How many submissions can I prepare this month?
Do I plan on starting any projects?
Am I ready to contribute to a column or other project? 

The beautiful thing about goals is that there can always be more of them. For me, my goals are to finish the blogging challenge, complete 2 reviews I have planned, and to possibly revive my old E-Zine.
 Pretty large goals at first, but I am starting small. Every day I publish a post, I am closer to that first goal. 

What are some writing goals you have? 


  1. Hello Jen, \”Goals are like the cobblestones on the path to your dreams.\” I like this! I'm also a busy writer who bounces from goal to goal. Right now I'm working on the A-Z blogging challenge, reading submissions for my critique group, and reworking the opening of my women's fiction novel. My overarching goal is to write for at least a few hours each day. We undergoing a house remodel right now (my blog topic for tomorrow), and that feeling of accomplishment is what's keeping me sane. Best to you in achieving your writing goals.@RhondaGilmour fromLate Blooming Rose


  2. Thank you Rhonda – that was a very nice comment! Good luck with your goals!


  3. Maya Varde says:

    I am a haphazard sort of blogger…no goals at all ! Therefore this challenge is difficult for me…But I am trying…..A visitor from A to Z challengeMaya Varde fromAbout books and certain other things


  4. I jumped into this with no plan. It looks like my theme is developing on its own lol. It seems to be a \”follow me on my journey\” theme. Next year I will have a plan. Lol


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