F is for Freedom #AtoZBlogingChallenge

Today I’m looking at Freedom for the letter F in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Not just any Freedom, but freedom in writing. The last few days, I felt the “burn” with creating routine blog posts. As the previous post emphasized, E was for “Every Effort” to keep going.  

While the first few days proved to be a difficult time in keeping up with the momentum, these posts are reminding me of all that I’ve been involved with in the past and I am inspired to get back to where I was with my writing. I really do love it and have missed it more than I realized.  

It is because of this, that I feel like this blogging challenge has given me more freedom for my writing. Having to be accountable for my next posts helps me “justify” to myself when I start writing. I have a planned out daily schedule for my writing, (which I had once before, but stopped for a while) and am igniting a habit that had since dimmed. So F is for Freedom to Write. What about you? What Freedoms have been unleashed during this challenge so far?

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