E is for Every Effort #AtoZBlogging Challenge

Okay, so it’s only five days in and I am really pushing myself to keep going in this A to Z Challenge. After a long day of handling family and work responsibilities, it is tough to consistently blog every day. This is especially true since I have been out of the blogging loop for a while.

My “Writing Enemy” has been in full swing today. It started with not wanting to get up on this cold morning. With a little effort, I got up and began the day. Instantly, I made the rounds and woke the kids. In what seemed like a flash of time, we had breakfast and were out the door.  As the kids went through their school day and as I went through my work day, I made an effort to consider my blogging topic:
 “Today is E,” I pondered. “What interesting topic can I write about? Ugh, is there even ANYTHING interesting about the letter E?”

This internal dialogue suggests I certainly could have benefited from a few extra minutes this morning. However, with a little more effort, I continued to ponder my topic. After all, if I was going to have an easier time with my post this evening, I’d have to be ready.

After work/school was a mad rush of travelling to the doctors for one of the kids, unexpected medical tests, homework, dinner, clean up… and then BAM! An hour before I should be turning in to bed I finally have the time to do the next day’s post.

It was extremely tempting to just head to bed and “let it go”, but I made a strong effort to sit down in front of the computer and open my blog. I still wasn’t sure what my topic would be until I started writing. Many times, that’s how it is with my writing. I can plan for a certain type of post or writing, but too often, my writing turns into something else entirely.

Now, exactly two minutes after my preferred bedtime, I’m nearing the end of my post. I’ve overcome a busy day and many temptations to  get here. I have made every effort to complete day 5 of the challenge. Hopefully, with consistent effort, the challenge will become more like a second nature.

How are you doing on this fifth day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge?


  1. Mary Burris says:

    Last year, when I was doing the challenge for the first time, I was scrambling to come up with posts in a timely manner. This year, I was prepared. I started planning this year's theme in May of last year. And by the end of March of this year, I had pre-written all of April's posts. It sure does help! Of course, I haven't done anything for May yet, but I will before it's time. Mary#AtoZChallenge E is for Elle


  2. Great idea. I signed up a little late, but an finally getting a routine and plan in place 🙂


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