K is for Keep Going #AtoZBlogging Challenge

We are approaching the half way mark through the challenge in a few days.  I’m not sure about anyone else, but it certainly has lived up to that last word in the title: challenge. Today I craved a day off. If I had planned better, I probably could have done a few posts ahead of time. However, the more I consider that option, the less I like it. For me, I think the only way I’m succeeding in this challenge is because I “make” myself sit down and take some time out just for my blog. If I did a few posts ahead of time, I’d be less in the routine and probably more tempted to stop. It’s not that I don’t like writing and blogging ( on the contrary!) However, it is harder this time since I didn’t plan well for it. Also, I get hung up on whether or not I have good, solid ,decent, interesting content. While that’s a goal all writers have, I often let that get in the way of my planning and brainstorming.

Today I look at the topic “Keep Going” . No matter how bad the temptation is to “put it off and make up for it another day”, we should just keep at it. Even as I’m typing, I get tempted to get up and check on the dishwasher follow the cat into the kitchen. I think I even once walked to my pantry, stared at it and walked back to my desk.  The change of scenery did help my thinking process, but if I spent any more time away from the desk, I’d definitely get distracted by something else. I don’t usually do that  with my writing, but sometimes I let myself over think things and then I freeze up. So the best think I can do when I get antsy with my writing is to keep going.

Now that we are approaching the half way mark (Letter M), it is even more of a motivation to continue on. We’ve come this far. If i get tempted to stop  I try not to kook at it as a monumental task, but more as a daily goal. This way, it is more manageable. The pep talk I give myself is “See if you can come up with something to write about today.” When I view it that way, it is almost always easier to keep going.

What about you? What does it take for you to keep going?

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