Joys of Writing

Writing has always been a part of me. Ever since I was little I wrote poems to my teachers, narratives of my life, or journals on just about everything ( which were always filled with drama).  What do I love about writing? What are the joys of writing?
In fiction, you watch as your characters and story ideas develop into a full fleshed out manuscript – one that’s hopefully off to publication.

Word play. Finding different ways to say things – getting creative with words and their uses.

Perfecting your piece – or editing. This fit my personality well. I enjoyed playing with the sentences that didn’t sound just right until I had that light bulb moment when I knew the sentence revealed exactly what I wanted it to say.

The most  joyful of all, though is to watch your work become a published piece of literature. Especially as a children’s author – it is rewarding to see children laugh at things in the story or ask to hear it over and over again.

There are many other joys of writing that haven’t been listed here. What are yours?

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