I is for Interviews

One great way to promote your books is to appear in interviews. readers often want to hear about your new book, project, tips and fun facts. It helps them feel connected to you and in turn interested in your writing. More interest can turn into more sales.

What should you talk about during an interview?

An interview will ask you general questions about yourself or your writing. It is up to you how much or how little you share. Whatever you choose, try to include something your readers might identify with. Is there a silly habbit, favorite pet, top activity in your life in which some people might connect with. This is important because your reader can identify with you. It also encourages comments if your interview is on a blog.

When should you interview?
Anytime you can do an interview is beneficial – but it’s even better to get them done after the hype dies down about your new book. The  few months after the release it is easy for the book to get “lost” among the many new releases coming out. An interview at this time is a good way to remind readers about your book and the important tale you have to tell.

Now What?
Once your interview is completed, be sure to promote it and encourage people to read it and learn more about you. Let all your Facebook and Twitter friends know! Share the link with your e-mail list.  Encourage people in your Yahoo or Google groups to visit and comment. If you’re in a virtual tour or promotional group, be sure to encourage their visits as well. Visit other blogs and interviews and ask others to return the favor. The more people who visit the interview, the more people will know about you as an author and your book. 

So – what was your favorite or most interesting question asked in a interview?

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