Road Trip

My family and I’ve begun our road trip. We left PA and drove all the way to Florida for a trip to Disney World. Along with all the necessities, I made sure to pack my writing things: notepad, pen, organization binder for my magazine, and some writing reference books. I figured I might get some things done while on the road.

So far, not much has been accomplished. I couldn’t concentrate in the car, and couldn’t use the laptop on the road anyway. So, I relaxed and took in the scenery. It wasn’t until we arrived in Florida that I realized I should be taking notes in that notepad that’s buried under everything else in the car.

We’ve driven through the Delaware, Maryland, the Carolina’s, Georgia and now Florida. This is the perfect place to take notes on settings. The colors, the land, the people, the accents – how much more real can you get than that? Though I thought of this too late on the way down, I’ll be sure to keep that pad and pen handy for the road back. (And throughout our stay in Florida. Why not?) I never know when I may need these notes for a story, book, or article. And it’ll save a trip.

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