“It’s competitive out there,” many people have said in giving advice about writing. “It’s hard work.”

While these statements are true, I still love writing. They’re part of the reasons why I love writing. It’s challenging! I love collecting writer reference books. Just ask my best friend who can’t pry me out of the bookstore.

Most of all, however, I love that while it’s competitive, authors are supportive of each other. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Those of us who have a mile-high pile of rejection letters are the first to cheer when one of us gets an acceptance.

The most recent act of support I’ve received was by none other than Stories for Children Magazine. V.S. Grenier, Gayle Jacobson-Huest and the rest of the SFC team, have been wonderful cheerleaders of My Light Magazine. They’ve helped me spread the word, pointed contributors our way and even included news about us in their Good News File.

It’s that type of support which makes the writing industry so special. So thanks for your support Stories for Children.

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