Guardian Angel Publishing

What do you think of this new logo for Guardian Angel Publishing? A wonderful work of art, I’d say. It’s not a surprise, since the artist who designed it, Kevin Scott Collier, is a talented children’s illustrator.

As you may know, I’m having my first picture book published this summer,”A Star in the Night,” by Guardian Angel Publishing. While I may be a very new member of the G.A.P. family, I already know working with G.A.P. is like working with family. The editors, other authors and illustrators are friendly and helpful. I’m proud to be a new addition to this family.

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  1. Donna Alice says:

    Hooray on your upcoming book! My book should be out this year too. Sometimes it seems like a long road but it\’s close to the end of the journey for my mystery. Can\’t wait to hold the finished product in my hand.Congrats to you too!


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