Mighty Magical Middle-Grade Book Club

We just opened our Mighty Magical Middle-Grade Book Club. The book club opened this week and is a place to discuss your favorite middle-grade books. Join in the fun as we review, recommend, and share the love of great books for all to read.

From our Group Description:

I am an avid middle-grade book reader. Seriously, I think they are the best genre of books out there. I just absolutely love them. Harry Potter fans? Keeper fans? False Prince fans? Let’s talk about these and your favorites! All ages welcome – you don’t have to be a middle schooler. Help us grow by inviting your friends and fellow book lovers. When you post, tell us:

📖The title and author of the book you’re reading

📖If there are spoilers in your post, indicate that with ***SPOILER ALERT***

📖If you liked the book or if you didn’t

📖What made you like or dislike the book?

📖Anything else you want to add

So be sure to head on over and join us there so we can discuss all things Middle Grade.

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