Souled Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in the middle-grade novel Souled, a book about gaming, friendship and loyalty.

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Souled – A middle-grade book on gaming.

Souled is Jennifer Gladen’s first middle-grade fantasy novel about a boy, his friends and the release of a video game they all have been waiting for.  But when people start disappearing, Ethan realizes there is something more to the game. 


A book about friendships, family and loyalty, Souled is an action packed book filled with one adventure after another. When Ethan and his friends play the much anticipated new game Seeker, they are thrown into a new world where the lines of reality and gaming are blurred. As people close to Ethan, including his sister, start to disappear, Ethan and his team must free the trapped souls, defeat the dark wizard and stop the destruction before he and his friends are trapped forever.

About the Author

Jennifer Gladen, author of Souled, is a teacher and children’s author who lives and writes in Pennsylvania. She is also the author of A Star in the Night, Teresa’s Shadow, Angel Donor, and Caitie the Caterpillar through Guardian Angel Publishing. Angel Donor is a story about a girl in need of a liver transplant. The story was inspired by Ms. Gladen’s own daughter who was in a similar situation.

 She contributed as a columnist at Catholic Mom and is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild (C.W.G.). She is also a P.A.L member of the S.C.B.W.I. She has written several children’s stories, poems and articles.  She is currently working on more middle-grade projects.

The Launch

Available at Kickstarter: Link coming Soon




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