Book Review: Aiden McGee Gets a Case of the “Actuallys”

Aiden McGee Gets the Case of the “Actuallys
by Aaron McGinley

This was an adorable book about Aiden who can’t seem to help himself in correcting other people. He becomes aware of this habit one Monday during a school trip. His mom, who is also a doctor, diagnoses Aiden with a “Case of the Actuallys”. During this discussion, Mom suggests Aiden asks himself if something is necessary, kind, or true before saying something.

I loved this part of the story because as a Technology Teacher, I often discuss the THINKmethod that children use before posting online. Ask yourself if it is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind. I can see myself reading a story like this to my students next year as we review digital citizenship.

You can get your copy of Aiden McGee Gets a Case of the “Actuallys” here.

Next week don’t miss the amazing interview I will post with author AAron McGinley. If you want to see the inteview before it goes live on my blog, join my newsletter (You also get free coloring pages and a free lesson plan.)

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