Book Review: What is That Strange Noise

What is That Strange Noise 
Illustrated by K.C. Snider

I was delighted to have a chance to read this fun book about Piper and Grandma’s interesting car ride. The story starts out with Grandma and Piper going on one of their adventurous car rides, when something odd happens. A strange noise grabs their attention and they discover an even stranger guest in the car. The story continued, picking up many other guests along the way.

I liked how the story incorporated animal names and animal sounds, which can make this book a great tool for preschool and early childhood teachers. I also loved how Grandma names every animal every time they picked up a new guest. This is a great way to continue to review animal names. 

One thing that could have made the book even better is the ending. I would have loved to see where Grandma and Piper were going and what happened to all their guests at the end of the car ride. 

Overall, this was a delightful, fun story that would work well in a classroom as well as at home.

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