O is for OOPS! #AtoZBlogging Challenge

I knew it would happen at least once during the challenge. I almost missed a post. I usually prepare them the night before and schedule them for the morning. However, this weekend was pretty busy with the family and before I knew it, it was late Sunday night when I remembered. 

I prefer to have the post up in the morning so it has most of the day to be seen. I’m grateful that I didn’t completely miss it. And I’m thrilled that I made it more than halfway through without missing a post. 

I do regret that this is a very short post, because I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s post (Sneak Peak – I have a book review planned for tomorrow!). So, today’s word of the day is a big, round OOOPS! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, it's not an oops if you managed to get a post up! And I never would have known, since I'm here so late :)This is when the A to Z gets challenging, I think.@IsaLeeWolfA Bit to Read


  2. Bit2Read I guess you're right lol. I still got it in :)and IsaleeWolf – you are correct. I'm contemplating Q right now. Acck! 🙂


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