M is for Midway #AtoZBlogging Challenge

M is for Middle or Midway Point. I am ecstatic that I have made it this far in the challenge. Every day, I pushed myself closer and closer to the goal. The fact that we are halfway there is encouraging. I feel the hardest days are behind me and the second half will be a little easier. I noticed that the first week so far has been the hardest. I didn’t quite have a routine down and I wasn’t at all prepared this year. While most people were starting out with a bang, I felt I started out with a sizzle.

As I blogged earlier, completing this challenge is one of my immediate goals. If I can keep up the pace, I think I will make it. The amazing thing is that at first I was worried about not having time to blog. As the month has worn on, I not only have the time, but I even have time for more reading (And we writers sure know how reading boost our craft of writing).

So today I offer a “Three Cheers for the Midway Point”! ¬†13 letters down, 13 to go!

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