C is For Creative Writing #AtoZBlogging Challenge

What makes your writing your own? What makes it shine out above all the other pieces out there? Our own creativity is something that accomplishes both of these things. Ask any avid reader why they like a certain book, blog or author and they’ll usually describe something unique that came from the author. The way the author presented their material in the way only they can present it, is what prompts us to have a favorite author.

This umbrella covers all aspects of writing, especially an author’s voice and style.  I think about the many YA books I’ve read recently. If you browse through some of my older posts, you’ll see some reviews of books I’ve done on Brenda Hiatt, Rachel Morgan and Heather Sunseri.  I loved every book I reviewed by these authors, though the stories and the creativity in them were all very different.

As authors, we all have our own resources of creativity. So, how do we tap into them? Where do we find these snippets of inspiration? Below are some suggestions for unleashing that creative monster dwelling within you:

1.  Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.  I am only beginning my first novel and I’ve run into several episodes of writer’s block. The best thing I did to get those creative juices flowing again was to just write. Write about anything. Pick a word that has something to do with what you are writing and go from there. Whether you free write or put it all down in word maps, you will be writing. Pretty soon something will hit you and you’ll think, “That’s it! That’s what I was looking for!”

2. Be Nosy.  Admit it. A certain tone from the table next to you in a restaurant caught your attention and you are listening intently, hopefully without being noticed. Or you see someone walking down the street with a strange looking outfit on and you start brainstorming what their story is. Use these moments to boost your creativity, even if it will have nothing to do with your current project. However, chances are you may find one or two jewels to use.

3. Read.  Our brains are fully engulfed in the creative world when we are reading. Sometimes we may  read a word or  a situation that reminds you of something in your story. That may be all you need to continue your brainstorming.

What do you do when you need a boost in your creativity?

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