The A to Z Blogging Challenge

In light of my renewed dedication to writing more, I began to blog surf. That was dangerous. I came across something I’ve also participated in a few years ago: The A to Z Blogging Challenge. At first I was ready to move on to the next blog, but then I thought about it. I’m getting my writing routine back. I also have a goal to blog more. What better way to improve my posting and frequency than to participate in an event like this? After all, 26 days should help me revive my blogging habit.

Then I noticed the new component: a theme reveal. It sounds like another fun component of this challenge, and maybe I will be more up for it next year. For now though, I’ll be happy if I successfully complete the challenge. It will take organization and dedication, but I think this challenge is doable this year. 

So, what about you? Who’s participating? Who chose a theme? 


  1. Glad you decided to participate in the A to Z. I did it last year and it was fun. This year, my theme is The Fabulous Fifties. I should be working on posts already, but need to catch up on other things first. We'll see how it goes. Good luck with yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. Thanks Beverly. I look forward to seeing them.


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