Author Fun at the Library

Photo Credit: Atglen Public Library

I was so excited. What could be better than meeting up with not one, but SEVERAL local authors in Author and Reader Heaven (A.K.A -The Library)? Some writer friends and I joined a Valentine’s  event at Atglen Public Library where we could bring our books, speed date with books, do blind dating with books and talk about our books. I couldn’t wait!

The day finally arrives. My son had a sleepover, so I woke up early to make the kids breakfast. One broken sunny side up egg and several burnt pancakes later, I move on to baking the star shaped cookies I planned to bring with me. Things were going well ( I should have known) and I finally pulled my last batch out of the oven. I placed the tray on the counter and proceeded to knock my freshly baked cookies onto the floor! Ugh. So I nixed the cookies. I was a little frustrated, but at least I had a funny Facebook post. I quickly grabbed my shower, grabbed my author things and ran out the door.

I was thirsty, so I grabbed a small can of soda. Finally, I was on my way. Halfway down the Turnpike, I reach for my open soda. That’s when I realized it fell. Sideways. Emptying itself into the container in front of it. The last thing I want is the puddle to dry into a sticky gooey mess, so I grab anything sitting around and clean up as best as possible.

Finally, I was almost at my destination. Other than missing my turnoff a few times (yes, a FEW) I finally pull up in front of the library. Once there, I knew my crazy morning was over. Despite the hurdles and obstacles I finally made it. Despite the temptations to give up and turn around, I kept at it and it was worth it.

I walked in to a lovely cozy library filled with friendly people. The staff was kind and welcoming. The atmosphere was inviting. I just wanted to grab a book, sit down and read! Then I met up with the authors, some of whom I’ve known online for a while. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that there were so many local authors to meet and network with.

My humble table
Today’s events reminded me a little of the journey in writing. There are many obstacles. Just when you think you have things under control, you don’t. However, just when you’ve wondered if you can go any further or do any more, the glorious ending is in sight. You reach your goal and you momentarily forget everything you went through to get there. In this case, meeting other authors and hearing their stories was worth the trip ten times over. I found everyone there inspiring and found myself wishing I lived just a little closer so we could all do this more often. So the lesson in all this? Never give up. The benefits often outweigh the troubles the journey brings you. If you stick with it, the troubles often make the ending that much sweeter. 

On the way home

Coming up: I recently purchased Erin M Cupp‘s Don’t You Forget About Me. A review will follow shortly!

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