Book Review: The Faerie Guardian

The Faerie Guardian is the first in the Creepy Hollow Trilogy.In this Faerie novel a Guardian is one who protects humans from evil fae creatures. When we begin the story we meet Violet, also called Vi, on one of her Guardian-in-Training assignments. Her story begins immediately when she meets Nate, who is not supposed to be able to see her. So begins a budding romance and more importantly a story that will change Vi’s life forever. 

Vi’s character is strong, but feminine and you can’t help but love her. While the story was written in first person,present, author Rachel Morgan made it work. I got right into Vi’s head and it felt like I was there with her the whole time. The descriptions placed the reader right into the book, making everything feel “real”. Vi is not the only solid character in the book. We meet Nate, her boyfriend, who is more than what he seems at first. We also have her friend-turned-enemy Ryn who is always out to get the last word.The mix of characters, plot and story line brings out a fantastic story with plenty of tense, heart racing moments, along with many laughs. This is definitely worth a read, and the last time I checked, it was on sale for free at Amazon

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