Summer Plans


We are well into the swing of things for the summer! School is out, the days are longer, and if we’re lucky, we can sleep in a little longer. As the days of July dwindle away,  we approach August. This is usually when summer boredom begins to kick in.

So what are some ways to pass the time?


Well, since I’m an author and a teacher, you know what my first suggestion is going to be: READ! Yes, read. And not just the required reading from school. But also have your child read what inspires them. Have them get recommendations from friends. What are they reading? What books did they like? If enough friends enjoy reading,they can even set up a KIDS ONLY book club. If there’s a book the group really enjoyed, encourage them to write a fan letter to the author. Who knows? They may get a response.

What can your child read about?

  • Sports
  • Biographies of favorite people
  • How To books
  • Scouting 
  • Favorite fictional series
  • Science fiction
  • Air and space
  • Picture books
  • Stars
  • Middle grade books
  • Famous literature
  • History of electronic gaming
  • Anything your child is interested in

My publisher has a huge list of books from many talented authors.


Check around your community for fun classes. Check local newspapers for suggestions. Ask around. Need to sharpen some basketball skills or acting techniques? Join a camp or program that focuses on your child’s interests. If there was a writing intensive program near me, I’d be there with pen and notebook in hand!

Whether it is reading thirty books, cleaning their room, mastering a skill they’ve been working on, the flexibility of summer makes it easier to tackle some of those goals we let slide during the busy school year. What goals do you have in mind ? Start small and add on to your goals as you go.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I always liked reading as a kid. Joining the library summer reading programs are a great way to help get the kids reading.


  2. That is a wonderful suggestion! Many public libraries have a free summer reading program that not only encourages reading, but have activities surrounding reading. Get in on the fun!


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