Grammar Help is Here

As an author and editor, I enjoy reading. I read everything.  I read Facebook posts, books, magazines, articles, and submissions for My Light Magazine. I will read anything just to read. I have been caught reading notices on the refrigerator (that I’ve already read a hundred times), cereal boxes, every memo my boss sends out, and notices posted at work (ones that are usually ignored by everyone else). I don’t just skim these. I read them. Some people are addicted to T.V.  The addiction for me is reading. 

As a result of all this reading, I’ve come to accept that I love the written word. The greatest gift I’ve ever been given was the ability to read and write. My life would be missing something without these abilities. Because of this, some of my favorite Facebook pages are pages such as Grammarly and  I enjoy reading the writing and grammar tips. 
There is a downside to all this. As I venture out in the world and read away, I notice many grammar and spelling mistakes. It happens everywhere. I’ve seen it in professional presentations and many other unexpected places.  I know I am far from perfect. I bet some of my grammar friends could pick out a few mistakes in this post alone. The small and hard to miss mistakes are not what I’m referring to now. I’m talking about blatant “their” for “they’re”, general subject-verb agreement, and obvious spelling errors. I am often tempted to point out the errors I notice. I don’t do it, but I want to. Then, I remember to keep my inner editor in check. 
What about you? How often do these errors drive you to the brink of insanity? 

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