Book Review: Wild About Books

                                      Wild About Books  

What do you do if you drive your mobile library to a zoo? Why, share the books of course.  That’s just what the mobile libarian Molly McGrew does in Wild About Books. In this rhyming picture book, the librarian ends up in a zoo and decides to introduce the animals to the world of reading. The flow of the poetry was music to my ears and it captivated my preschooler’s attention the entire time.  Favorite lines of the book mentioned other popular children’s classics, which exited my class even more. The illustrations by talented illustrator Marc Brown were engaging, colorful and fun.

However, as an author I have to say MY favorite part of the book was how naturally the readers turned into authors. What a great lesson and how true to life that is. The book beautifully painted how authors begin as avid readers then grow to have a desire to create their own story.  This is a must read for children, teachers and of course authors. You won’t regret it! 

 Where to get it:


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