Literacy Opens Minds

I just returned from an amazing conference at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA. It was titled Literacy Opens Minds. What a great concept. The keynote speaker was the renowned author of countless books, Sneed Collard III. I thoroughly enjoyed his keynote presentation as an author and a teacher. So much of what he said hit home about writing. It is always interesting to learn how a fellow author spent time writing in journals as a child, much in the same way I did. He is an entertaining presenter and children are sure to love him.

With author Sneed Collard III 

I was also a presenter at this conference and I titled my presentation Exploring the World through Reading. We discussed many fascinating things about reading such as how books can take you to far away places without even leaving your back yard. We talked about how important it is to use books to support your material in your classroom. Getting just one side (and usually the textbook side ) of nonfiction can sometimes drain the children. But when you add a fun book to reinforce the concepts, now their world is expanding.
I had a great time with the lovely people at Holy Family and am excited about the kind of teachers Holy Family is preparing for our children.

My book display at Holy Family University Library

During my presentation we discussed ways to make reading interesting for the resistant reader. I promised a link to one of my favorite authors who creatively writes for these readers in mind. Check out the facebook page of Max Elliot Anderson.

After the presentations, I was able to sell and sign my books. The whole day was a bunch of fun. I would help out Holy Family University anytime.

Me and Dr. Quinn at Holy Family University


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing about the conference.


  2. Margo Dill says:

    Sounds like a great experience! And I always think conferences are very stimulating and inspiring. Great photos and I hope you sold a lot of books! Margo


  3. Hi Jennifer,Sounds like a productive and inspiring conference. It's good to share in such events. I like the title of your presentation — reading is a great way to explore. Wishing you much success.


  4. BarbaraB says:

    Hi Jennifer,Thanks for letting us know about the conference since literacy is what we're all about. I'm glad you had an opportunity to sell your books.


  5. Thank you everyone.The conference was so much fun. It combined two of my passions – writing and teaching!


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