Press Release for Angel Donor

My press release for Angel Donor. Feel free to share. If you do, please comment with the link and let me know and I will comment on your blog where the release appears.

New Children’s Book Geared toward Children in Need of Organ Transplants
July 1, 2012
On June 6, 2012 children’s author Jennifer Gladen’s third children’s book was released from Guardian Angel Publishing. The new book, Angel Donor, is a story about a child in need of a liver transplant and the day she gets “The Call”.  As taken from the cover: Olivia never asked to have a disease like Biliary Atresia. It made her liver sick and only a transplant will make her better. After waiting several months and close to losing hope, she gets the call she’s been waiting for. The journey of her life is about to begin. The book is complete with a glossary and a list of resources for dealing with transplantation.
When asked what made her write this book, Ms. Gladen said, “It was inspired by my daughter. When she went through her transplant and the long wait beforehand, I was looking for something to help her understand what was happening that spoke to her on her own level. It’s a book that needed to be written.”
In addition to Angel Donor, Jennifer Gladen has two other books out titled A Star in the Night and Teresa’s Shadow. She is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine My Light Magazine.

For more information about Angel Donor or author Jennifer Gladen, please visit her at or

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