Blogging A to Z Challenge is Almost Here

It’s almost that time of year again. The Blogging A to Z challenge where you are challenged to do “one month of blogging through the alphabet.” It begins April 1, 2012. Use it any way you wish, with whatever theme fits your writing. Each post starts with a letter – beginning with A on day 1 and ending with Z on the last day.

For more information. please visit  A to Z Blogging Challenge and sign up. Comment below with a link to your blog and I’d love to follow your posts! Have fun!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jennifer. I stopped by to see why I wasn't following your blog? Can't figure that one out. I'm following it now. : )I see that you are also participating in the April A to Z challenge. I look forward to seeing what you blog about.SusannePUTTING WORDS DOWN ON PAPER


  2. Hey! Nice blog … And that you're a children's writer is great. Me too! Its called The Puzzle Master. Do you still have your publication running? That's fantastic. 😉


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