Book Review: A Wish and a Prayer

Book Review by Author and Editor-in-Chief of My Light Magazine Jennifer Gladen

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A Wish and a Prayer
By Beth Bence Reinke

ISBN-10: 9780982642313
ISBN-13: 978-0982642313

Blurb: When Jason’s parakeet flies out the window and is lost, he wishes on various objects in hopes of bringing his pet home. But is there something better than wishing? A story that gently teaches children the difference between wishing and praying.

Review: A wish. A Prayer. What’s the difference? Are the two the same? In Beth Bence Reinke’s book, A Wish and a Prayer, Jason soon finds out that the two couldn’t be more different. When Jason’s parakeet accidentally flies out of his window, Jason does everything he can to get him back. He searches for him in the park, and he calls him with the parakeet’s special tweeting song. He even tries wishing the parakeet back for an entire week.

It isn’t until Jason realizes he’s been looking in the wrong places that he finds his parakeet. While he’s been turning to wishing on a clock and candles to find his bird, he soon discovers these actions will not help him find the parakeet. But when he offers a faithful prayer to God for the bird’s return, he awakes to that familiar tweeting song only his parakeet can sing.

This is a great story on the difference between wishes and prayers, a lesson every child should learn.

Where to get A Wish and a Prayer:

4 RV Publishing

Read about Beth Bence Reinke and her books on her blog!
Read about the illustrator here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    what lovely book review.keep it up.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are nominated under children’s literature category, please take some time toVote before July 2,Have fun exploring your peer’s poetry/short stories,Thanks for the time!Your submission is pot of gold to us…Bless your day…..


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