What did I say? NANoWRIMo? It’s an acronym for National NOvel WRIting MOnth. This is a month long event designed to get writers moving. For different reasons, a write may have story, or novel idea in our heads but can’t seem to get it out. Often what’s causing the writer’s block  is fear. Are we going to get it wrong? Will it work out? Will the novel say what I want it to say?

Pretty soon, we’re stuck and we’re not writing anything. One of the goals of NANOWRIMO is to get you writing – without the worry of editing, word counting, plotting, or even making sense at this point. They give you a month to write 50,000 word novel in November.You go to the website and upload to their system your word counts. They go into full detail here about the entire process. The best part is the website has many resources to support your effort including, blogs, motivational postings, forums to connect with other writers, tips, etc. I did it a few years ago and was successful.

So this November, stop on by the NANOWRIMO site and give it a try.

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