Teresa’s Shadow and A Star in the Night at a Local Craft Fair

Teresa’s Shadow and A Star in the Night went on sale at a local craft fair in Pennsylvania. I was excited to see a few other local authors/poets there as well.
Tons of fun was had by all! My table was one among many other fantastic crafts. There were hand made blankets, jewlelry and baked goods. Other than meeting some local authors, my favorite table was one that had hand made Rosary bracelets. 
 My girls came to help out. They helped set the table, hand out flyers and show the customers the books. We brought star shaped sugar cookies to match  A Star in the Night. (illustrated by K.C. Snider)  In the story, the main character, David, dreams about Mr. Rennetti’s famous sugar cookies from Mr. Rennetti’s bakery. 
The real star of the day, however, was Teresa’s Shadow (illustrated by Marina Movshina). We almost sold out! This book seems to have a natural draw to the readers. I often hear how the children identify with both Teresa – the little girl who finds a monster in her room one night, and Corky – the monster who finds himelf in a strange room one night.
The day was filled with browsing books, selling and signing books and sharing cookies. Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us!  We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again. 
To order your copy of  A Star in the Night or Teresa’s Shadow, please visit:

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