Keep On Writing

I hit another writer’s block. I knew I had something great stuck in my head – but how would I ever get it on paper? The advice that instantly pops into mind is “just write”. But that is easily pushed aside by thoughts that say, “Why bother. It won’t be any good. This is nothing like the other stories or books out there.”

That’s why I’m grateful for exercises given by our fellow writers. For example, on Laurie Halse Anderson’s Facebook page she is giving writing prompts and a challenge to write continuously for 15 minutes straight all throughout August.

Just one of these prompts are pulling together a story I had in my head for ages. It is amazing what story elements develop as you write. You may not have it all planned out. Maybe you just have a thought or a situation in your head. But if you just write, you’ll see elements pull together.

So, if you’re stuck on a thought or worried you won’t be able to write another word, try checking out exercises like those on Laurie Halse Anderson’s page.

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