Margot Finke and Rattlesnake Jam June 8th

I have a treat for you today. Creative author Margot Finke joins us and shares all about her book Rattlesnake Jam. Margot’s boy-appeal in Rattlesnake Jam is genius. Even if the thought of jam made out of rattlesnakes makes you squeamish, aren’t you a bit curious about it?

Margot Finke has done it again. She mixed creativity, fun, and interest all in one book. And to top it off Kevin Scott Collier illustrated the book and filled it with lively, colorful illustrations. Checking out Rattlesnake Jam is a no lose situation.

I’m honored to share more info about Rattlesnake Jam:

Rattlesnake Jam

(Illustrated by award winner Kevin Scott Collier.)

Reading level: Ages 5 -10

Paperback: 28 pages

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc (G.A.P) – May 2008

** eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-24-5 –
(BUY – Fictionwise, G.A.P, Author’s Website., & more)

** Print ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-00-9 –

(BUY – Amazon, B&N, Target, G.A.P, Author’s Website & more)

A FREE Link to an AUDIO of Margot reading this book comes with every
Autographed soft cover copy purchased from her website


“Rattlesnake Jam” is a rhyming romp for reluctant readers – especially boys!

Pa hunts rattlers, and Gran cooks them up into her gooey green rattlesnake jam. Good for whatever ails you, Gran sells her concoction to folks near and far. However, Pa yearns for rattler over rice, or maybe rattlesnake pie: but can he persuade Gran to cook them for him?



Rattlesnake Jam is a hilariously funny children’s picture book about an old couple who share an irresistible affection for rattlesnakes. There’s only one problem: While Pa would rather have the rattlesnakes turned into fritters or pie, old Gran prefers them turned into jam. disgustingly green, sweetened, gooey rattlesnake jam! …

Collier’s colorful, wacky illustrations complement Finke’s humorous rhyme perfectly. The book has 28 pages in all, and each story page has an illustration with a short text at the bottom-a two or four line rhyme. Whimsical and amusing, Rattlesnake Jam is one of those books young children will beg their parents to read to them again and again.
Mayra Calvani Midwest Book Review, June 2008


View fun musical Book Trailer + “Puzzle Slides” of other book covers on her Blog:

Margot’s Website for Children’s Books, Manuscript Critique Service, Writing Help + her “Musings” column :


“Ruthie and the Hippo’s Fat Behind,” Guardian Angel Publishing – illustrator K.C Snider, is due out soon. Ruthie and her family move far from their old home. The move gives Ruthie a change of personality, as well as a new address. Ruthie’s horrible moods drive her parents crazy – Parent/teacher guide is included.

*** At the end of each week Margot will give away 3 FREE AUDIO links. Each link has Margot reading one of her stories + illustrations. These will go to the 3 readers who add that week’s most unique comments.


  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for showing off Margot's book and her new one, too. That cover is hilarious.


  2. Joy says:

    Jennifer, You are so right. Margot's got the proper mix when it comes to story telling. Looking forward to her new one.Joy DelgadoIllustrator and publisher of bilingual children’s books


  3. I'm looking forward to Margot's new book. Rattlesnake Jam is terrific and so imaginative.Shari


  4. Love the new cover, Margot!


  5. Love the new cover, Margot!


  6. Margot Finke says:

    Thanks everyone. It's great that you all popped in when Jennifer hosted me today.Thanks a bunch Jennifer. Manuscript Critiques – My Books!


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