Jen’s Writing Tip #3: What’s in a Guideline?

Answer: Your best shot at publication with that company. Remember that Writers’ Guidelines are not just a preference. Editors are looking for something specific and to be considered for their publication, it is in your best interest to follow the guidelines to the letter.

When I submitted my work, I created checklists based on the Writers’ Guidelines. After my manuscript had been through the critique group a few times, I ran down the checklist and marked off each requirement.

Not every manuscript ended up as an acceptance, but it certainly made sure it was considered and not tossed on a technicality.

So remember, one key to publication is following those guidelines.


  1. Hi Jennifer…sound advice to follow. I\’m looking forward to being a member of the GAP family. Be well.Warmly,


  2. Lea says:

    Jennifer, I totally agree that reading and understanding guidelines will help present your work at a better light than not following the publisher\’s guidelines.


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