A Sneak Peek of OF ATLANTIS

I have a treat for you all today. Lanaia Lee, author of Of Atlantis shared the prologue of her book with me. I was so enthralled with the story that I wanted to share it with you. I found it intriguing since I connected with the main character right away. When you’re finished reading part one of the prologue, feel free to leave a comment and share what you think.


Archimedes, heir to the throne of Atlantis, played alone in the courtyard of his home, the palace. His father, the King, always seemed to be gone fightin bloody battles with his enemies.

On this day, Archimedes’ father, King Lionus, left for another battle, and the young child worried if his father, whom he so loved, would return to him or fall in battle like so many others did when they clashed with enemies.

Across the courtyard, near his mother’s beloved roses, he saw his nanny in deep conversation with two members of the palace guard appointed as the child’s bodyguards.

Archimedes could always tell his body guards felt very uncomfortable around him, because he was no ordinary child. At only four, he could feel their discomfort in his presence.

The last time King Lionus had gone into battle, he had come to say goodbye to his son, totally dressed in his full battle regalia. At that time, Archimedes while playing in the courtyard he saw his father and ran straight to him with open arms. When he got there, his father pulled away. Lionus told the poor child, “Keep your distance! Be a man like me and say goodbye the way I would. That is the way I taught you, so that is what I expect!”

Archimedes tried his best to hide his tears from his father, because his father would think him weak. The child knew even his own father feared him because he was different but helpless against it.

King Lionus said, “I came to say goodbye because I will be gone this time for a couple of months. You are a prince and I expect you to conduct yourself in this way during my absence. It is very important that you act like a man, especially for the sake of your mother. She worries enough, and I don’t want you to give her any more reason to do so.”

Archimedes looked at his father after secretly wiping the tears from his eyes and then said, “I totally understand what you ask of me sir. But I do wonder will you return? I just don’t want you to die. I just love you so, Father.”

King Lionus bent down on one knee to face his son, “Archimedes, you don’t have to worry. Don’t I always return? I am Atlantis, and killing me is no easy task. You know I have been wounded several times, but I have always returned. It is my destiny to rule this country, so I shall return. I know my subjects and you and your mother need me, so I always return. Just be a man for your mother and let Lord Uric help you with your studies. It is important to me that you behave and be a good boy.”

Archimedes answered his father, “I will do my very best to be a man for mother sir, but I will miss you father. I love you father!”

For a moment the child softened the heart of the King, and the King started to reach out for his son. But then the fear of his son took over so King Lionus, said, “Goodbye son,” then he turned and walked away.
Archimedes watched his father walk away from him, until he could no longer see him.

On the other side of the wall around the perimeter of the courtyard, Archimedes could hear the laughter of other children as they played. The child started to think about what the other children might be playing such as hide and seek, or maybe even tag.

Their laughter made Archimedes sad, because the other children always shied away from him fearing his strange abilities. This made Archimedes a lonely child. As he listened to the other children it made him wish he didn’t have powers. His powers made him feel like he was not as good as the others. The poor child longed just to be normal.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for part two. Thanks for sharing your prologue with us Lanaia!


  1. JenThe prologue is intriguing. I will check back to read more.Shari


  2. Vivian Zabel says:

    Atlantis has always captured my imagination. The prologue sounds like the start of an interesting book.Vivian


  3. I\’ve always loved Greek and Roman Mythology and can identify with feeling different. This book sounds very appealing.


  4. Zebee says:

    This book sounds very interesting. Greek and Roman mythology have always facinated me.Joy aka Zebee, or is it the other way around?


  5. This book is amazing! Great descriptions, wonderful characters and a real twist at the end! Don\’t think this ends with the destruction of Atlantis – there\’s so much more! Eternal life, reincarnation, doomsday prophecy – wow! Can\’t wait for the second book – The Crystal Skulls!


  6. Thanks for all your comments. Lanaia Lee is certainly talented, isn\’t she?


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