The Muse 2007 Online Writer’s Conference

We are almost finished the Muse conference and it has been a blast. I am learning truckloads of information. If there’s any writer out there who missed it this year, I highly recommend you attend next year’s. The boards are great. I’ve interacted with editors and fellow authors. The tips we have all learned from each other are invaluable. I enjoyed it so much, that I’ve already registered for the 2008 conference.

One of my favorites so far is the “Call to Action: The Writer’s Adventure” workshop. I’ve learned so much about myself as a writer and how to defeat the struggles we writers place on ourselves.

One of the things we had to do for the workshop is write in our journals about our adventures. This has been a second blessing for me. I used to write in my journal every night since I was around ten years old. The day I married, I had stopped. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because life changed so much or that I was too tired after a long day. Whatever it was, I hadn’t journaled on a consistent basis since.

The workshop showed me how much I miss it. I forgot what it was like to write my thoughts untill I became drowsey. We’ve had some very tough times, our family. If ever I needed to journal, it was during the past seven years–yet I didn’t.

So I owe it to this workshop that my desire is back. Thank you Beth, for relighting that spark which faded so long ago.


  1. Journal writing\’s great. I, too, have kept one since I was ten. A lot of the material goes up on Ink in My Coffee now, but there\’s still stuff that I don\’t choose to discuss in public, so I keep my handwritten journal.Thanks for checking out my blog!Wasn\’t the conference great? I wish I could have taken more workshops — next year, I\’ll try to keep the whole week clear to just teach and take workshops.


  2. Thank you, Jen, for mentioning the conference here. I am thrilled you had a blast and enjoyed the workshops. And yes, good idea to take off a week for our 2008 Conference because if you think THIS year was packed, wait until you see what I have in store for everyone next year.Sharpen those pencils. :)Lea SchizasFounder of the Muse Online Writers Conference


  3. I am still realing from everything that the conference offered! This was my first year and I had no idea what to expect. Quite frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed at first (in a good way!) I\’m already getting my notebook ready and my pencil sharpened for next year.Deb


  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.Lea: I can only imagine what\’s in store for the conference next year. I\’ve already signed up!Deb: This was my first year too. But now that I know what to expect I can better plan next year. What would we do without Lea?Devon: I can\’t believe how much I\’ve mised doing my journals. I once heard that if you write for children, it\’s a good iea to hold on to your childhood journals. It will make your writing more real. I\’ve found it difficult to part with up until a few years ago. I wish I knew thistip back then when I was cleaning out my garage…Thanks for stopping by everyone.


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