Poetry Reading

I recently returned from my first poetry reading. Since I’m a children’s author I’m often out doing something related to children’s books. But when a friend offered to go to the reading with me, I decided it would be nice to try something different.

There were about six people there, but it was an interesting experience. Some people read from poetry books. Others read their own work.

One person stood out above all the rest for me. He read all his own poems and they were spectacular. The rhythm was soft like a calm creek on a spring day. The words were as illustrative as brilliant art in a children’s book. When I listened to him, I felt the poem. I felt what the message was.

The icing on the cake was the way the author performed his readings. He didn’t just write the poem, he became the poem. I left the reading with a desire to pursue more nights like that one.
I learned volumes about poetry that night in just a few short hours.

I’m glad I went. I set out on an adventure and found a hidden treasure.

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