Book Review: Predator vs Prey

Title: Predator vs Prey -A Going Wild Novel 

Author: Lisa McMann

Predator vs Prey was a good book overall.  It did start out a little slow and I was tempted to stop reading it-but Lisa McMann has a way of connecting the reader to the characters. It is a subtle connection where they feel real. I really liked Charlie, Mac, and Maria. They were brave when they needed to be and handled their situation in a smart way. I definitely wanted to keep going with them.

I’m glad I did keep reading as I enjoyed the story the further along I went.  We follow Charlie and her friends after her house was broken into and her Dad disappeared.  She soon learns the evil Dr. Gray has her father and has a diabolical plan for the chimera devices. After finding Mr. Wilde’s location, Charlie and her team set up a secret base to keep watch and ensure Mr. Wilde was still safe until it was time to unleash their attack.

It’s definitely worth the read and I’ll likely pick up the third book in the series.

Rating: 📚📚📚📚

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