What is Digital Stories for Children?

My recent writing projects are focused on how technology impacts our daily lives.  My first novel, Souled, was inspired by my own child's  frequent use of video games. In the book, a boy and his friends spend more and more time on their games until one day they all become trapped inside the game. It is a metaphor for what we see in our daily lives. It is surprising to see just how much screen time takes up of not only our children's day, but ours as well.

 Want to see just how much time you spend on a particular day or week? I created a  Digital Diary to track your daily usage. 

As a parent  of a teen and a former technology teacher, I've seen these scenes play out often.  When I saw my son struggle with screen time and then seeing my students talk about the same thing, it inspired the idea behind Souled. However, it is much more than that now. I always loved teaching technology, so it no surprise to me that my writing projects gravitate toward that theme.  So I created a Facebook and Instagram account that focuses on things like screen time, digital citizenship, internet safety, and more. 

It is my hope that, through my stories and platform, I am able to help parents and children navigate this digital realm safely and effectively. Check back here often or subscribe for more resources as they become available. 

Facebook Page for Digital Stories