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What if: 

The pull of a video game was impossible to resist? 
The video game you loved became your reality?
Your entire world depends on succeeding

When Ethan and his friends play the much anticipated new game Seeker, they are thrown into a new world where the lines of reality and gaming are blurred. As people close to Ethan, including his sister, start to disappear, Ethan and his team must free the trapped souls, defeat the dark wizard and stop the destruction before he and his friends are trapped forever. 

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Previous Books by Jennifer Gladen


A Star in the Night

David makes his way home on Christmas Eve and sees this is no ordinary night. Accompanied by a shimmering star and some tough decisions, David encounters three experiences that will change his view of Christmas forever. Join David on his wondrous journey home.

Guardian Angel Publishing
*Currently Out of Print*

Teresa's Shadow

 One night, Teresa discovers Corky, a furry visitor in her room. Corky is no ordinary monster. In fact, he seems just as scared as Teresa. Teresa soon realizes she must help Corky get home. But how can she when she’s afraid of the dark and Corky is afraid of the light? 

Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing
*Currently Out of Print*

Angel Donor

Olivia never asked to have a disease like Biliary Atresia. It made her liver sick and only a transplant will make her better. After waiting several months and close to losing hope, she gets the call she’s been waiting for. The journey of her life is about to begin. 

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Caitie the Caterpillar

It is a beautiful day for milkweed, until Caitie the Caterpillar runs into Swift Sparrow. Soon, Caitie and her new friend Alexander the Ant, must find a way to escape the hungry bird. As Caitie faces Swift Sparrow and her own fears, she begins the process of a beautiful transformation.              

Guardian Angel Publishing
*Currently Out of Print*