Angel Donor

The Story:

Olivia never asked to have a disease like Biliary Atresia. It made her liver sick and only a transplant will make her better. 

After waiting several months and close to losing hope, she gets the call she’s been waiting for. 

The journey of her life is about to begin.

The Story Behind the Story

Angel Donor is inspired by my daughter who was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia. This disease stops the liver from working properly and many children born with it, end up needing a liver transplant. When my daughter was four, she was listed for a liver transplant. The wait was daunting. 

As a person who always turned to books for answers, I wanted to find one that my daughter could identify with. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, the idea of Angel Donor was born. After my daughter's transplant, she referred to her donor as her "Angel Donor", which then became the title of this much needed story.

The Second Edition

Angel Donor is currently in the process of being republished. The second edition is scheduled to be published in October, just in time for Biliary Atresia Awareness Month. This time I will be publishing it through my own publishing company, Valentino Publishing. Check back for information about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and parent resources. If you want to get a free digital copy of the book BEFORE its release, click here and sign up.


Free Resource: Color Charts 

One huge worry parents of children with Biliary Atresia have is the color of their child's stool because the color indicates whether there is bile flow in the liver. To help, I created these color charts as a resource for parents. To get yours, click on one of the images and sign up for free resources.

***Note: These are just conversation starters for you with your child's doctor. Always consult a physician with any concerns. **

 Angel Donor


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